Our Aims

Aim 1: make the problem visible.

Right now it rarely is. Those who make decisions about play facilities view their actions through the default male gaze. So, when they build “youth facilities”, they build stuff for boys and young men without even thinking that anything else is needed or possible.

The public sector equality duty has been in force for nearly 10 years, but, despite the inequality, it is not considered when people build youth facilities is rarely considered. Gender matters here and this needs to change.

We will work with public authorities, charities, professional bodies and academics to raise awareness of the problem and how equality law means that change has to happen.

Aim 2: understand what will make things better. 

What interventions will make a difference?  There are examples of good practice from non-UK cities (Barcelona, Malmo and Vienna). But any change must happen by placing the voice of girls and young women at the centre of the process.

We will work with academics, play specialists and schools and above all girls and young women themselves to conduct research and site specific consultation hat goes beyond highlighting the problems to generating the ideas that will shape better provision.

Aim 3: create examples of what works.

We will work with planners, architects, designers and local authorities to build examples that can be demonstrated to work in urban and rural communities.  We will create research frameworks which let girls and young women to express what would make them feel safe and welcome, in outdoor spaces that take account of their needs.