Like Vienna, the City of Barcelona has also adopted gender-mainstreaming in its new urban design.

Again, this has resulted in widespread redesign, but the city also commissioned a completely new park at Plaça d’en Baró from the feminist architectural practice Equal Saree.

The park set out to be a feminist space and was designed in collaboration with the local children and a lot of the outcomes are very similar to those in Vienna, including the wide perimeter and the provision of different interconnecting areas rather than the focus being on everyone facing into a single football pitch.


Article in English by Metalocus

There’s a nice video of the children’s collaborative practice (in Spanish).

The BBC looked at gender-mainstreaming in Barcelona, in a film which includes Plaça d’en Baró.

Equal Saree’s project report can be accessed in Catalan, Spanish or French.

Photographs : Urban Saree